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The use of computational applications in biological research is significantly behind other scientific research areas such as physics, mathematics, and geology. The increasing complexity of biological data makes it ever more difficult for scientists to verify their hypotheses and results against existing discoveries. A core problem in biomedical computing is how to encode (digitize) the data that needs to be processed such that advanced analysis can be built upon it. GNCPro is a data integration and visualization tool for gaining comprehensive overviews of such complicated biological knowledge. In particular, GNCPro warehouses and encodes biological information as binary relationships. When these binary relationships are represented graphically, the genes or proteins are nodes, and their relationships are edges. The relationship can be a physical interaction, a genetic regulation, a co-expression, or a chemical modification, etc. The edges can be directional, such as in chemical modifications and up/down regulations; or non-directional, such as in physical interactions and co-expressions.

The underlying binary biological relationships are collected from three resources. Text-mining, data-mining and data-acquisition. Two graphic navigation systems have been developed by SABiosciences. The simpler system is based on the open source SVG technology, which automatically optimizes the graphic layout and has no fire wall-related difficulties. The other system, based on the open source MEDUSA platform, is more sophisticated and more interactive. Using these browsers, users can search and navigate the biological knowledge in a graphical format, "drag and drop" for better views and for access to gene-specific information, add customized data, and export the results in text or graphic formats. You can start using GNCPro with a single gene, a gene list, an existing pathway, or a previously saved job.

GNCPro will change the way biomedical data is searched and presented. The graphical representation of biological knowledge is more impressive than plain text descriptions, because it physically displays the relationships between individual genes. New biological discoveries can also be easily integrated into this platform. With GNCPro, biologists will be able to view their data in the context of similar data and to view it against the complex background of other data types. GNCPro is the software of choice in this era of systems biology.

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